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Your business or your mission should be promoted where the most potential customers or the most vulnerable audience are. And these days, they are all on their mobile phones! According to a recent report, on an average, a person spends around 4 hours on his phone, which is almost a quarter of his waking hours. Yes, that’s insane.

However, as a marketer, this bane could be a boon, only if one knows how to use it well. Imagine reaching the audience of a defined area, in a particular age group, with some common interests, and spending your advertising money only on them!

For example, if you want to sell guitars, then your audience will likely be those interested in music, and in all probability, be youth. Or you own a brand selling organic milk in Bangalore, then you would want to reach out more to women since they are the ones usually taking decisions concerning a family’s food.

Now as a digital marketer, what if we tell you that we will use your money only to target these defined people? How much more would be your rate of conversion, or in simpler terms, the number of customers you will get to the number of people you advertised to?

Digital Marketing requires a well-defined business strategy, it’s as much about technology, as it is about having a solid marketing foundation. That’s why our team spends a considerable amount of time with our clients to draft a complete marketing plan before even starting any online activities.


Our technical skills

So what do we do after we come up with an amazing digital marketing strategy? How do we implement it to reach the target audience?

Believe it or not, on an average, 1.73 billion people log onto Facebook everyday! And that’s not even the most beneficial point for marketing on this amazing platform. Facebook can reach your exact audience, if you know whom you are selling to. It is the most targeted form of advertising, and our team of digital marketers helps our clients create regular content and targeted ads on Facebook.

If you are offering your services to businesses instead of customers, basically, if your audience is B2B, then LinkedIn is the best platform for marketing your services. We help companies create and maintain a LinkedIn company page, which  helps them network and get prospects for quality sales leads.

Instagram is incredible for marketing and we would say, it’s an absolutely must-have. This is because Instagram focuses on visual content, and visual posts have shown to produce 650% higher engagement rates than text-only posts. Instagram also hosts over 1 billion active users, making this one of the most valuable platforms platforms for marketing. We produce graphic and video content for our clients, and help them reach the audience they have been wanting to reach out to.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It is also the third most visited website worldwide, and is behind only Google and Facebook. Our team helps clients create YouTube videos as well as ads for digital marketing.

Even though many people consider email marketing an old strategy, but it still holds a lot of value and comes with many advantages. It is very important if you want to build relationship with your prospects, or leads, or current customers, or even past clients. Through an email, you get a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Our team helps brands reach out to all these leads/ prospects/ clients via email marketing.

Our Results
Aquallence, Israel
Aquallence came to the Indian market with a revolutionary new water filtration technology. With our campaigns targeted at generating leads, in just 4 months, we gave their ground team too many potential leads to handle!
ATC Publishers
Already a big name in the publication industry, ATC wanted to target youth for a specific period of time to increase sales. We did many result-generating campaigns for them with high-end graphics, offers and even product-related quizzes.
My Master’s Strokes
The founder of this amazing institute had her goals clearly defined when she approached us. Our target audience for her were students passing out of high school, so the campaigns for her were youth-driven in terms of both content and digital platforms.
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