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We are living in a digital video age, in which the best way to reach out to your audience or potential clients is through a video that is posted online. As per recent reports, a video post gets 1200% more shares than text and images combined! This one stat is enough for any smart businessperson to ditch other efforts and focus on getting good quality videos done for his online promotions.

The video production team at Wisdom Works has handled shoots of various scales. We work on some of the best cameras currently in use in the industry including 5Ds and drones, professional lighting, sound production, editing on industry-loved Final Cut Pro, and tonnes of graphics designed on Adobe After Effects.

Without bragging further about our technology and experience, we leave it to you to decide what you think of our work. You can find some of the videos we have worked on below, and form your own opinion.

Unlimited possibilities
Our Video Productions
An international production for a fund-raising concert… directed, shot, edited by Wisdom Works.
For the 30th AGM of Mackrell International, we made this video about Bangalore to invite lawyers across the world to the city.
A short, fast and upbeat promotion video on a revolutionary water filtration technology introduced by an Israeli company in India. 
A video that highlights what a person usually thinks about himself/herself and what does God actually think about him/her.
A short video on Cheddar cheese for which we scripted, shot, edited, voiced, produced graphics… basically end-to-end production.
A 30-day series for Archdiocese of Bangalore with a 15-minute episode produced each day. We shot and produced the entire series.
LIVE streaming of 4.5 hour Bread of Life concert shot outdoors with 6-camera setup including a drone, dolly and close-ups shot on 5D.
A graphic promo with a unique concept done for Salvation Run in Bangalore in which hundreds participate on Palm Sunday every year.
Short promotional video for a design coaching institute in Bangalore calling for admissions for the next batch.
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